Our homes are changing

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Safe, secure and reliable

Our homes are changing. With connected lighting systems, voice-controlled appliances, and self-learning thermostats, we stand at the beginning of the smart home era.

With the advent of the smart home, securing the flow of data between connected devices and the cloud and securing that devices understand eachother becomes more and more significant. But how do we find the right balance between fostering a seamless interchange of information while minimizing security and safety risks?

As the smart home and automation markets grow, the choices manufacturers and innovators make in design and technology become increasingly complex. In addition, this development potentially makes smart home devices more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Without a focus on security and consistent performance, consumers will not adopt smart home devices. We believe that future developments and design solutions can only succeed if people feel confident that the home of the future will be safe, secure and reliable. Do you want us to keep you updated on the latest trends in smart home testing and certification? 

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